Monday, November 12, 2012

A shortcut to beautiful salads!

Who says that salads at home have to look boring? 
All you need is a vegetable peeler 
to make your rabbit food into a work of art!

By Madeleine Dee

Here's a little tip for jazzing up your salad with carrots:

1. Peel your carrot and hold it by the stem end.

I've found that a peeler with a serrated blade produces more curly ribbons. I definitely recommend investing in a small Y-shaped one. That is what I used for the main photographs. If you look closely, you can see the pretty grooves in the carrots. :)

2. Keeping your fingers out of harm's way, start at the base of the carrot and gently but firmly pull the peeler forward.

3. Keep peeling until you reach the end and follow through to disconnect the ribbon.  

Repeat until you've used up most of the carrot. Save what's left for soup or snacking. :)                                                                                        

You can certainly use this quick technique for other vegetables, too! 
I've also used zucchini, summer squash, & asparagus. 
It's so simple, but it makes hard vegetables more palatable and it always adds a beautiful touch to dishes.

Also, children love colorful foods that are easy and fun to eat.
This would be a great way to get older kids into the kitchen to help with dinner - children are statistically proven to try and like more foods 
when they get to help cook!

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