Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Don't cry over spilled quiche!

Quiche is one of the greatest breakfast and brunch items out there - it's easy, it's relatively quick, it tastes fantastic, it's versatile, and it's a perfect crowd-pleaser. However, if you fill up the pie shells and then try to carry them to the oven, you'll find yourself caught in a balancing act that will usually result in spilled filling. I mean, I wouldn't know - III've never spilled unbaked quiche. (I've done it twice.) 

Spilled filling that slops onto the crust and that gets onto the pan will burn before the quiches are baked. This will result in gross burnt patches on the pretty fluted edges of the crusts, which do not taste good, and spilled filling will burn and stick to the sides of your pie tins. No good. So, here's a quick way to save yourself some trouble and have perfectly-filled quiche every time.

1. Lay your crusts (in pie tins, of course!) on foil-lined baking sheets. Sprinkle the bottoms with your add-ins. (This is just cheese, but you can add bacon, spinach, broccoli, etc.)

2. Make sure your racks are in the center of the oven for even heating with enough space in between for the quiches. :) Open your hot oven, pull the racks forward, and add your pans with the crusts.

3. While the racks are still pulled out, fill up a large measuring cup with a spout and carefully (but quickly) pour the filling into the crusts just below the fluted edges. Do NOT fill past the point shown in the picture - the eggs do rise when they bake!

If you have two racks full of quiche, pour the filling into the top pie shells first to get that rack out of the way.

4. With an oven mitt or potholder, gently and slowly push the top rack back into place. Then repeat the pouring process with the bottom rack.

The filling will move and slosh if you don't go slowly and carefully!

5. Gently and slowly (and carefully!) push in the bottom rack.

Slowly. Carefully. You can do it. Patience is annoying, but it's a virtue for a reason.

6. Close up your oven and bake. Pat yourself on the back.

If you do use more than one rack, be sure to switch pans between the racks halfway through for heating that's as even as possible!

Now you'll never have to cry over spilled quiche. 
Not that I ever have. 
(Ok, ok - I've spilled filling 3 times...)

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