Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Supremes

By Madeleine Dee
Looking for a pretty presentation for your citrus fruits?

Here's how to "supreme", or segment, an orange:

1. Lay the orange on its side and slice off the top and bottom.

2. Stand the orange up.
(But be sure to send flowers to apologize! Hardy har.)

3. With a very sharp knife (preferably a paring knife), begin to slice off the rind in small pieces, from the top to the bottom, curving around the fruit inside.

4. Continue to slice off the rind until there isn't any left. 
Trim off any that you may have missed.

5. Admire your bare orange. Ooh la la.

6. Hold the orange in your hand and carefully slice into 
both sides of a segment between the lines of white pith. 

7. Get as close to the pith as possible and cut cleanly down to the seeds, then remove the orange piece. Repeat until you've removed all of the segments.

8. Serve your elegant supremes whole, slice them into a salsa, 
add them to a fruit salad... Get creative!

You can do this to any citrus fruit: lemons, grapefruit, tangerines, etc. I suppose you could even supreme limes, but it would require quite a bit of patience! :)

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