Thursday, February 21, 2013

(No More) Runaway Eggs!

A round, perfectly even egg!
By Madeleine Dee

Have you ever made eggs and sadly watched them spread out too far as they cooked, creating thin, rubbery, over-done edges before the rest is done?

Well, I have a simple tip for cooking more uniform eggs:
A round cutter/ring!

It can be a biscuit cutter, a cookie cutter, or a presentation ring. The important thing is that it should be made out of a material that is not going to melt, like stainless steel or metal.

Here's what to do:

1. Heat your non-stick skillet over low heat, then grease your ring with cooking spray 
and lay it in the center. 

If you have several rings and you'd like to make multiple eggs at once, go for it! 
Your eggs won't run together, and your eaters will be super impressed. :)

2. Crack your room temperature egg into the ring 
and season lightly with salt and black pepper.

3. Once set, remove the ring and enjoy your egg!

If you keep your yolk whole, once the white is set, simply turn off the heat (or remove the skillet from the burner) and cover the ring with a small plate or lid. The heat trapped inside will set the yolk and keep the egg warm until you're ready to serve!

If you use a 3-4 inch ring, the cooked egg will be the perfect size for a toasted bagel!

Here, I cooked 5 quail eggs in a ring and enjoyed them on a toasted sesame bagel. Yum!

You can use any size ring or any type of egg.

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