Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easy Easter Elegance

By Madeleine Dee

Looking for an easy way to add some elegance to your next brunch or breakfast?
Or perhaps wondering what to serve for Easter?

Here's an incredibly easy procedure that results in a gorgeous egg presentation every time - prosciutto cups!

You ready? This is real, honest-to-goodness rocket science, ok?

Here's what to do:

1. Gently lay thin slices of prosciutto in the cups of an ungreased muffin tin. I find that 1.5-2 slices make the sturdiest cups. Layer as needed to fill in any gaps and gently push down so that the prosciutto reaches the bottom of each muffin cup.

2. Bake at 400*F for about 17 or 18 minutes, or until crispy and lovely like the cups below.

3. Fill with poached, fried, or scrambled eggs, then garnish with whatever you like!
I used fresh parsley and crispy prosciutto crumbles.

This will really wow your diners, and you're more than welcome to tell them how difficult the cups were to make. You simply "slaved over them for hours", you're "so tired", but in the end, "all that time and effort was worth bringing some beauty into their lives".

*dramatic sigh*

I won't tell them how easy these are to make if you don't. ;)

Enjoy a beautiful breakfast or brunch with
some super impressed eaters!

And Happy Easter if you celebrate! :)

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