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Pork Saltimbocca

Property of Chef Madeleine Dee
Pork Saltimbocca with Garlicky Spinach and Toasted Walnuts
By Madeleine Dee
Saltimbocca is a very easy and very delicious dish. All you need for the main attraction is a protein, some prosciutto, a few sage leaves, salt, pepper, maybe a pinch or two of lemon zest, and a bit of olive oil.

The word 'saltimbocca' is Italian for "jumps in the mouth", and it is traditionally made with veal, but I like the combination of pork loin and sage. Sprinkled with toasted walnuts, this pairing always reminds me of Fall, and it's pretty divine with some roasted butternut squash, which I happen to have blogged already!

This dish is quick and easy, but it feels special and makes it look like 
you spent a lot of time in the kitchen.

Here's what to do:

1. Pat your room temperature pork loin chops dry with a paper towel and sprinkle them with salt, pepper, and some lemon zest (optional, but highly recommended).

2. Top each chop with a beautiful fresh sage leaf.

3. Gently lay a slice of prosciutto on a work surface, being careful not to tear it. 
(If you do, simply overlap the torn parts so they stick together!) 

Place a pork chop (sage side up) on the end of the prosciutto so that about 1/3 of the chop is still bare, then carefully and firmly roll it over. Press to adhere.

4. Roll over once more so that the entire chop is covered and the sage is visible on top.

5. Flip your chops over and make sure the backside has an even seem like the photo below. You will sear this side first so you can seal the pork chop inside. Rub lightly with olive oil. 

*Prosciutto is plenty salty, so don't add any more seasoning at this point.

6. Heat an UNgreased nonstick pan over medium to medium-high heat.

7. When your pan is good and hot, sear the chops seam side down. Do not flip them until they are browned, they pull away cleanly from the pan, and/or they have begun to turn white around the edges on the uncooked side.

Flip and sear on the other side. When cooked through, enjoy!

*You could also quickly sear both sides over high heat to get the prosciutto nice and crispy, and then finish them in a 350*F oven for 15-20 minutes.

Once cooked, they should look like the picture below. 

You could serve them with roasted potatoes, spinach, and mushrooms. Or butternut squash, Parmesan, and toasted walnuts. Or whatever in the world you want. :)

Property of Chef Madeleine Dee


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