Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Liebster Award!

Cheers. :)

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by a fellow blogger, the Bitter Baker, and I am honored! A little research told me that this isn't an award in the normal sense of the word, but a way for bloggers to recognize little-known colleagues, learn a little about them, and help spread their name and their work to more readers. It's a lovely idea, so I thought I'd pass the gesture along!

The 11 Questions Asked of Me by The Bitter Baker:

1. What did you want to be when you grew up? - An archaeologist, but then I realized that the profession is nothing like Indiana Jones, so my love for acting took over, and then I discovered cooking while I was preparing to move to Hollywood.
2. What’s the number one thing on your bucket list? - To live in London someday.
3. What inspired you to start food blogging? - I wanted to help people learn to understand and love cooking as much as I do. Cooking is incredibly enjoyable once you know the basics. Also, there isn't much possibility for exposure when you work as a personal chef, so I wanted a way to reach more people with my cooking, my writing, and my food photography.
4. What keeps you going? - I want to quit frequently because I have so little time for blogging, but every time I decide to stop, someone gushes about how much they loved a recipe or how much they admire a photo of mine. And then I'm just all warm and fuzzy.
5. Have you ever stood on a skateboard? - Yes. I decided I wanted to be a skateboarder once when I was about 11, so I saved my money, bought one, played with it for a day or two, and then left it to collect cobwebs in the garage.
6. Tell me about an awkward moment that you laugh about today. - I was sneakily eating a bag of Skittles on my lap during class one day in high school, which was wayyyy not allowed, and when I moved to look for something, the bag fell and busted all over the floor. Colorful orbs went cascading, bouncing, swirling, and twirling EVERYWHERE. I was mortified, and the teacher tried to give me detention after class, but I cried so much that he just blanched and put the slip of paper away.
7. Do you like kale? - I LOVE it, but I just discovered that I do, so I'm putting it in everything.
8. Are you a coffee or tea person? - Both, but I drink tea more. Most of my coffee consumption involves floofy concoctions from Starbucks.
9. What do you have for breakfast? - Whatever I can find.
10. Three words your friends would use to describe you? - Strange, loving, loyal.
11. Your favorite motto/quote? - "Poco a poco se va lejos." It's Spanish for "little by little, one goes far". Helps me with patience. ;)
11 Random Facts About Me:
1. I have a small birthmark on my ankle that looks like a tiny pair of lips kissed my skin.
2. If I wake up between 6 AM and 6:59 AM, I am miserably tired. Any other time is fine.
3. I have an intense aversion to ham, but I eat all other pork products.
4. I have hundreds of issues of Gourmet magazine. It was my favorite publication, and I was so sad when they stopped printing.
5. I played ice hockey for a brief while in high school. It's just as scary as it looks.
6. I burnt my arm on a searing hot pan when I was a TA at Sullivan University. The burn finally healed and was almost invisible a couple months ago, and then I burnt my arm in the exact same spot, so now I have the scar again.
7. I once lived in Hollywood for 5 days.
8. I got excellent grades all my life, even 100% in several, but I almost failed Chemistry.
9. I cross days off on my calendar at 9 PM. It's an old habit from when I had to go to sleep early and wake up at 5 AM for culinary school.
10. I can parrot almost any voice, accent, or noise that I hear, and I do a mean Miss Swan impression.
11. I'm a sucker for brown eyes.

Here are the 11 blogs/bloggers I'd like to nominate:
The Creole Contessa
Magpie's Recipes
My Recipe Journey
An Uneducated Palate
Scott Borel -
Sugar Dish Me
Lynn's Southern Heart
Lullabies for Pies - Magdalena Hannah
Magnolia Days
Sue's Nutrition Buzz
Cooking is Easy

Now, 11 questions for the people I nominated:
1. What is your name?
2. If you could time travel to one part of history, which time would you choose and why?
3. What is your favorite kitchen tool?
4. If you had to get rid of a whole food group and never eat from it again, which would you choose?
5. What is your favorite kind of cheese?
6. How many foreign countries have you visited? Which ones would you like to visit?
7. Where were you born? (You don't have to say when!)
8. If you could put your 5 favorite musical artists together for a concert, who would be playing?
9. What is your favorite food-related film?
10. What is your blog about, and what does the subject mean to you?
11. What is your fondest food memory?


If you'd like to continue the award ceremony, choose 11 little-known bloggers, tell them they've been nominated with a link to your questions, answer the ones you've been asked, ask them 11 questions,  and list 11 random facts about yourself. Sounds like a lot, but it's very fun! :)

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