Sunday, June 15, 2014

Madeleine on a stick! :)

Property of Chef Madeleine Dee
Dark Chocolate-Ginger Madeleines on Sticks :)
Property of Chef Madeleine Dee

Did you know that there are little French pastries called madeleines? They are beautiful little shells that are cakey, delicious, and great with coffee or tea.

Personally, I'm hoping they'll be the next big sweet trend when cupcakes and macarons are SO yesterday. :)

Below is a photo of the pan you'll need in order to make madeleines. This one is from the Martha Stewart collection, and it's very durable.

Now, a quick Google search will produce lots of recipes for madeleines, but what I do is make one of my favorite cake batters, spray the pan, scoop about 2 tsp.-1 tbsp. of batter into each shell, and bake them until golden brown. (Typically about 12 minutes or so.) It's that simple - just make a cake batter and go! :)

When they're finished baking, I cool them completely on a wire rack OUT of the pan and then put them on sticks to make a fun new twist on cake pops!

For a great presentation, I melt white chocolate, add a little coloring, and use this mixture to glue the sticks to the madeleines. Simply dip the tip of each stick into the chocolate and push gently through the bottom of the madeleine until the stick reaches about 3/4 of the way inside.

Once they're all on sticks, lay them out on parchment or wax paper and drizzle them with the melted chocolate for a beautiful glazed presentation. Let the chocolate set up before proceeding.

Once the chocolate is cooled, put them in some small, transparent wrappers and tie them securely with a ribbon or a piece of yarn. I made these for a wedding and got the sticks, baggies, and yarn from Michael's. Any craft store should have what you need.

These make beautiful gifts for any occasion, and they're a fresh way to serve a cake pop. Plus, they're named after ME. What more could you ask for? ;)


~ Chef Madeleine Dee ~

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