Who is Madeleine Dee?

Hello, all! My name is Madeleine Dee. I am a busy personal chef, writer, and food photographer in Louisville, KY. I think about food every second of every day, then I dream about it at night. Hundreds of cooking magazine issues and more cookbooks than anyone could ever need litter my place, but I hate to cook with recipes, so I guess they're more for inspiration and decoration! :)

I graduated from Sullivan University, and for over 2 years, I have owned and operated a business called No Place Like Home (Facebook page!) through which I offer in-home personal chef services. With no boss, employees, or co-workers, it is the most awesome job ever! People pay me to do what I love every day, and I get to make my clients' lives easier as I watch their children come into the world and grow into walking, talking eaters. With all the creative freedom I'm allowed and the incredible variety of dishes I get to prepare, I really couldn't be any happier with my career. And after the many tough years that I lived through, I couldn't be more grateful that I found my purpose and my passion. Food makes me happy. It makes me talk to strangers, smile more, and feel confident enough to be myself without any apologies. It's who I am, and I am so excited that there are so many ways to share my love for cooking with others!

Someday, I want to operate a small cooking school, but in the meantime, I have a blog! :) This blog in particular is meant to offer tips and tricks that will help make cooking easier and more fun. Like I said, I hate to cook with recipes, so stick with me, and I'll help you gain the skills and the confidence to cook without them, too! My philosophy on cooking is that it's like math - you must learn how to add and subtract before you can do calculus. Many people want to prepare complicated recipes, but they see a word or a technique they don't know, and suddenly they're back to ordering a pizza. I want to help demystify cooking with writing that is humorous and easy to read so that you leave my page smiling because you giggled a little AND because you learned something. Looking up polysyllabic words in my thesaurus to impress you won't help you retain any important information. This blog is meant to be fun! :)

Food is my life. Please feel free to comment, start discussions, share your own thoughts and tips with me, or share my blog with others. I look forward to learning from you, as well!

Cheers. :)

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Executive Chef and Owner of No Place Like Home in Louisville, KY. Writer, actress, chef, professional cook and professional eater.